Learning Mandarin Chinese in Beijing


Dream Go Inc. not only partnered with U.S. schools and help international students coming to the U.S., we now also partner with Mandarin Chinese learning schools to help those who want to learn Mandarin Chinese studying in China.

Learning Chinese in Beijing

Most of the schools provide wide variety classes such as regular Chinese class, intensive Chinese class, HSK (HayuShuipingKaoshi) prep class, Business Chinese class, summer camps, and other Chinese cultural classes. (Chinese calligraphy, paper cutting, Taiji, Diabolo, Chinese dance…etc.) Also, in some Universities, you can choose to enroll their post graduate degree program.

Living in Beijing

Schoolsalso offers different choices of accommodations, students could choose private apartments, which located in or close to central Beijing; shared apartment, which allow students form different countries live together; or homestay, which is the best option for Chinese beginners and advanced learners who really want to experience local Chinese life.

Learning Chinese in Peking University

Also known as Beida, found in 1898, is the best university in China. Peking University also has high reputations all over the world, universities such as Cambridge and Oxford send out lots of students here to study Chinese. Peking University offers non-degree and postgrad degree Chinese classes. The only downside is that the tuition is higher than most of the schools

Learning Chinese in Tsinghua Inter-University Program (IUP)

The Chinese learning program in IUP is actually operated by Berkeley University but take place in Tsinghua campus. IUP offer very small size class – 3 students in a 3 hours class, and then everyone will have a private tutoring class everyday. However, this doesn’t means your have lots of free time, the class curriculum in IUP is very intensive.

Learning Chinese in BICC Beijing International Chinese College

BICC, found in 2005, is an international language teaching school approved by Beijing Municipal Education Commission and the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. BICC devoted to promote Chinese language and culture to people all over the world. School offers wide ranges of different level classes and cultural classes with more flexible schedule.

Learning Chinese in Renmin University

With its high reputation, Renmin University supposed to have one of the best Chinese programs throughout the country. However, due to the large class sizes setting, even though Renmin University has very good curriculum and course structure, feedbacks from students aren’t very great. It would be a fair choice for who just want to enter a good reputation university.

Learning Chinese in Beijing Language and Culture University

BLCU located in one of the cities where has more foreigners than locals. BLCU has lots of international students with a very laid-back learning and teaching style. BLCU is also known as a party school. The class size is considered large, which means it will be difficult to satisfy every student’s needs. However, students will have chance to meet a large number of international students from different countries.

Learning Chinese in Beijing Foreign Studies University

BFSU owns lots of modern and new facilities such as Olympic size pool, new classrooms, and modern buildings. However, the biggest downside is that BFSU is far from central Beijing, which means students won’t be able to have a night out to the city since you will have to take taxi back to school. The good side is that teachers in BFSU are very enthusiastic on teaching Mandarin.

If you are interested in learn Chinese in Beijing and would like to know more detailed information, please contact Dream Go Inc.

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