The Department of Cell Biology,Microbiology and Molecular Biology at University of South Florida (USF)–Tampa cordially invites candidateswith a doctoral degree in Biochemistry, Biophysics, Microbiology, or closelyrelated fields to apply for a postdoctoral research scholar position. The labmainly focuses on dynamics and signal transduction study of membrane proteinsespecially G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). In our previous study, we wereable to delineate the A2A adenosine receptor (A2AR) into four conformationalstates, including two inactive states and two active states (Ye, Van Eps et al.Nature, 2016), with the help of an optimized micro-electrostatically sensitive 19FNMR reporter (Ye, Larda et al. J. Biol. NMR, 2015). Conformational transitionand allosteric modulation were also investigated at the dissectedconformational state level (Ye, Neale et al. Nature Communications, 2018).Following this line of research, we would like to further push the frontier ofreceptor conformational transition research and thereafter apply theseapproaches to neurodegeneration- and cancer-related GPCRs with the aim ofdeveloping specific therapies. The ultimate goal is to develop a strategy fordesigning biased drugs with exclusive therapeutic effects and fewerside-effects.  For more information,please visit: http://biology.usf.edu/cmmb/faculty/lye/ . Interestedapplicants should send a CV to Dr. Libin Ye: libinye@usf.edu

The CMMB Core facility and Center forDrug Discovery and Innovation (CDDI) facility are equipped withstate-of-the-art instrumentation including several High Field Cryogenic NMRs,Flow Cytometers, Fluorescent Microscopes, Agilent 7890 GC/7200 MS QToF, AgilentPreparative 1200 Lc/6120 MS SQ, HPLC, and FPLC.


We are also highly welcomingself-motivated visiting scholars, exchanging postdoctoral fellows as well asPh.D students to join the lab. 





迈阿密大学(University of Miami)计算机系助理教授 梁亮 招聘1名博士生和1名博士后。研究方向为:机器学习(深度学习)和生物医学数据(图像)分析










注:对于博士后职位,博士学位可以不是计算机,年薪可达6W benefit

如果有问题,请发信到 liang@cs.miami.edu





Postdoctoralposition is available in the laboratory of Jiandong Liu in the McAllister HeartInstitute at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill to study themolecular and cellular mechanisms of cardiac development and regeneration byusing genetic approaches combined with single cell transcriptomics andhigh-resolution imaging. Recent work in the lab have been published oraccepted for publication in Development, Cell Stem cell, Circulation Research,Circulation, and Nature. Theapplicant is expected to drive the research project. The project will involve single-cellmulti-omics approaches and generation of cell type specific zebrafishtransgenic and knockout lines to delineate the dynamic gene regulatory networksgoverning cell state transitionsandto dissect genetic pathways governing cell-cell communicationduring cardiac development and regeneration.


PhDdegree in Developmental Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology or a disciplinerelated to the area of assignment; or equivalent combination of training andexperience is required. All degrees must be received from appropriatelyaccredited institutions. We are looking for highly motivated candidates with asolid background in genetics, molecular biology and cell biology. Experienceworking with zebrafish and/or mouse is desired.


TheUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is an equal opportunity andaffirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receiveconsideration for employment without regard to age, color, disability, gender,gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, race, national origin,religion, sex, sexual orientation, or status as a protected veteran.


Candidatesshould provide CV, the contact information for three professional references,and Research Statement while applying for the job via http://unc.peopleadmin.com/postings/146228.





实验室目前诚聘多名博士后:表观基因组、 宏基因组。具体从三个方向上利用第三代测序技术、整合生物学,系统生物学的角度对人类疾病以及精准医疗开展研究研发。

1) 细菌表观组、表观遗传学,致病菌自身基因调节、以及和宿主交互作用。

2) 高清晰度肠道菌群分析在疾病机理以及疾病治疗中的技术开发和功能性研究。

3) 6mA在真核生物(单细胞、多细胞生物)中测序技术开发、功能性、和人类疾病研究。

成功的应聘者 会有以下独特的机会 i) 学习掌握第三代测序技术,并深入学习我们的长期积累, ii) 丰富的临床样本和经验丰富的合作者, iii) 在一个开放的有很多新机遇的新研究方向中创新和发现, iv) 研发开创性的技术并将其应用到深度发掘各种形式的疾病研究和精准医疗的研发,iv) 非常具有竞争力的工资待遇,以及位于曼哈顿学校所属公寓的租方待遇。


 1a) 计算背景的申请者有坚实的计算生物学,细菌基因组学,宏基因组、或 其它组学(DNA, RNA, ChIP sequencing)分析研究的背景。

 1b) 实验背景的申请者有丰富的遗传学,表观遗传学,分子生物学,微生物学,微生物组学研究实验背景。

 1c) 计算和实验背景都具备的申请者鼓励申请,但是两者具备其一乐于学习即可。

  2) 学习并深度掌握新知识新技术的能力,

  3) 独立能力与合作精神并重。

如何申请: 请将下面的材料发送至fanggang@gmail.com: 1) 一个简短的自我背景和兴趣介绍/申请信, 2) 一份简历, 3) 第一或共同第一作者论文的PDF文件.

课题组网站: http://research.mssm.edu/fanglab



Van Andel Research Institute博后招聘


Van Andel Research Institute美国文安德研究所 博后招聘(神经退行性疾病方向)

Van Andel Research Institute (VARI), a leading independent biomedical research facility, is dedicated to determining the epigenetic, genetic, molecular and cellular origins of cancer, Parkinson’s andother diseases, and translating those findings into effective therapies. The Institutes home to more than 300 scientists and support staff that work in on-site laboratories and in collaborative partnerships that span the globe.

VARI has seen immense growthin the past year, hiring over 6 new Principal Investigators to start researchlabs with the goal of improving health and enhancing the lives of current andfuture generations.

One of these new Principal Investigators,Hong-yuan Chu, Ph.D., will bejoining VARI in January 2019. Dr. Chu’s research aims to study the synaptic,cellular, and circuit adaptations in the brain during disease progression usingprogressive mouse models of Parkinson’s disease (PD).

The Chu lab, a member of the Center for Neurodegenerative Science(https://vari.vai.org/research-groups/), is seeking an outstanding candidate for a postdoctoral researcher position.

The project is to define the synaptic, cellular, and circuit mechanisms underlying progressive degeneration of midbrain dopaminergic neurons and the associated pathological neuronalactivity of basal ganglia nuclei using mouse models of PD (Chu et alNeuron, 2015, 2017). The ultimate goal is to design novelcell-type- and circuit-specific strategies to slow disease progression and todevelop therapeutic tools for devastating motor dysfunction of the disease.

To achieve this goal, thesuccessful candidate is expected to apply brain slice and/or in vivo electrophysiology combinedoptogenetic and chemogenetic approaches to interrogate and manipulate cellularand synaptic activity in the basal ganglia as progressive degeneration ofmidbrain dopaminergic neurons, and to link the cellular and circuit alterationsto the expression of motor and non-motor symptoms of PD.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to betrained with both traditional and state-of-the-art technologies forneuroscience research, and will work in a highly interdisciplinary environmentthat allows close interaction with growing PD research community at Van AndelResearch Institute (VARI).

VARI provides postdoctoral training opportunities toscientists beginning their research careers (https://vari.vai.org/postdoctoral/).The fellowships are to help promising scientists advance their knowledge andresearch experience and at the same time support the research endeavors of VARIunder the mentorship of a VARI Faculty member. All VARI Postdoctoral Fellowsare encouraged to apply for external funding as soon as it is practical andreasonable after hire. Receiving a fellowship award provides recognition forboth the fellow and VARI!



·  A Ph.D. orequivalent degree, in Neuroscience, Physiology, or related field, is required.

· Demonstratedproficiency as evidenced by first-author publication(s) in peer-reviewedjournals and is interested in acquiring new skills.

· Priorexperience with patch clamp recording or invivo extracellular recording is highly preferred.

· Experiencein at least one of the following skills would be favorable: rodent stereotaxicsurgery, animal models of neurological disorders, immunohistochemistryprocedures, rodent behavioral analysis, and virus-mediated neural circuittracing.

·  Programing experience(e.g. Matlab, python) would be a plus.



·      A self-driven individual with genuineinterest in neural circuit study using cutting edge technologies.

·      A highly motivated individual withexcellent time management and organization skills.

·      A detail-oriented researcher that thinks criticallyto effectively design experiments and solve complex research problems.

·      A collaborative, hands-on researcher whoproactively shares knowledge and expertise with lab members.

·      Excellent written and oral communicationskills.



·      A cover letter describing your researchinterests, experience, and how you might contribute to the Chu Lab’s research.

·      An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae.

·      A list of 3 individuals who have agreed toact as references along with their contact details. 


This position will be open until filled and will bereviewing applications on an ongoing basis. To apply, please email Hong-YuanChu, Ph.D. at hongyuan.chu@vai.org





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